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8 Colours You Can Consider Using for Your At Home Office

8 Colours You Can Consider Using for Your At-Home Office

With so many individuals turning to work-at-home setups to work remotely, many people have been putting a lot of money into creating productive and comfortable at-home workspaces. Of course, this means many things, from investing in ergonomic tables, chairs, and devices down to implementing plants to create such an environment.

However, there is one factor that one must never forget when creating a productive at-home work environment: colour.

Here are some of the colours you can pick for your at-home office and the mood they conjure:

1. Red: Energy and passion

Apple has actually found that the colour red, specifically vibrant reds, can increase productivity by up to 15%. This means that red is a popular internet marketing colour used in many office environments.

2. Yellow: Happiness

The colour yellow is such a positive colour that it can create positive feelings in your head, which can also foster productivity. As you may realise, the happier a worker is, the better the work they produce, so yellow is a good colour to pick if this is something you want from your work.

3. Blue: Serenity

Blue represents trust, which is why it is a common colour in the corporate world, where trust is priceless. Studies show that blue is also a calming colour, making for a soothing colour for your work environment.

4. Green: Nature and money

The colour green is associated with nature, which makes it a relaxing colour. This colour has also been proven to foster a feeling of wealth, so if you want to earn more while feeling relaxed doing it, this is the colour for you.

5. Purple: Creativity and power

Studies have shown that the colour purple can increase both creativity and power. If you want to be more productive, this is the colour you should choose.

6. Brown: Grounding

The colour brown is a grounding colour and can help you feel in control. This goes hand-in-hand with an at-home work environment, as you need to feel in control of your work environment for it to be productive for you.

7. Black: Sophistication

Black is a sophisticated colour and is a common colour in corporate workspaces, as it gives off a serious image. You would not want to let your guard down at home, but of course, if you want to be more productive, this is the colour for you.

8. White: Purity and honesty

The colour white is a colour of purity and is honest. This colour is also a colour of simplicity, which makes it a minimalist colour. Of course, being a minimalist is something you should strive for in your home office, as it will make you more productive.


There are many colours to take into account when decorating your at-home office, but the most important thing to remember is that you should always keep productivity in mind when making decisions. Of course, you want your office to be comfortable and your work environment to be attractive, but before you get too fancy and make unnecessary changes, remember that you want your work to get done, and that sounds of comfort and attractiveness will be wasted if it does not. So, understand what colours mean and which ones you want to implement into your office. Remember that you can mix and match a few colours together to create the perfect at-home workplace!

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