Brush & Roller or Paint Sprayer – Home Exterior Painting

Brush & Roller or Paint Sprayer

Are you planning to paint the exterior of your own home? If so, you might be doing a little bit of research to see what the best way is to apply the paint, should you opt for the traditional brush and roller or use something a little more modern, such as a paint sprayer. There‚Äôs […]

Getting those kitchen summer colours

Getting those kitchen summer colours

As we approach summer, you’ll be wanting to open your kitchen up, let the light seep in, and enjoy the warmth. It can be hard though to feel that warmth if you have the wrong colour within your kitchen. So what can you do to change that? Paint the walls, Add summer followers Declutter the […]

How to find the right decorator?

Finding the right decorator that can give you the best result for the project you have in mind is key to the success of that job. Unfortunately, most customers only ever consider price when it comes to choosing their decorator which although is important can also be extremely costly. We see time and again projects […]