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How to find the right decorator?

Finding the right decorator that can give you the best result for the project you have in mind is key to the success of that job. Unfortunately, most customers only ever consider price when it comes to choosing their decorator which although is important can also be extremely costly. We see time and again projects that run overtime due to inefficiently, prices that go up and up and up with additional add on’s that weren’t mentioned within the quote, or even worse the need to bring someone else in to start again.

So what should you consider when choosing a decorator?


Previous experience:

Look at their previous projects and make sure the images aren’t just stock photos.



What do others have to say about that decorator


Skills and equipment:

Are they qualified or if not heavily experienced. Do they have additional skills such as spray painting?



Don’t just go for the cheapest. Look at the quality and time it takes. Sometimes those that can finish quickly will charge more as they can get your home to rights and livable quicker than others, you’ll make the money back by having the ability to enjoy your home for longer.