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4 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look 10 Times More Expensive

4 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look 10 Times More Expensive

1. Give your living room a new look by painting a feature wall

Painting a feature wall for your living room can not only change the atmosphere of your home but also add the decorative element which is missing.

Some people paint interior walls to make their rooms look brighter and more spacious. Others may paint walls to create a sense of harmony among their décor.

Also consider the furniture. You can paint your feature wall any colour that you like, but it is best to choose one that matches the other colours in the room from the furniture, ceiling and to other walls. If your living room is mostly white, then it would be best to paint your feature wall a dark colour.

There are three ways in which you can paint a wall as per your needs:

  • Painting a feature wall with its own colour, creates interest and draws the eye towards it instead of the rest of the space.
  • Painting a feature wall in shades that match those used on other walls may add visual cohesion to your décor.
  • Painting one wall just for contrast may be what you need if you have some really bold colours on the rest of your room.

2. Add some texture and depth to your space by using a stencil or adding a faux finish to the walls with paint and sandpaper

The use of stencils has been around for centuries, and it was originally used to make patterns on walls. These days, stencils are used to add a faux finish to a room and can be made from any material like paper, vinyl, or fabric.

A faux finish is an imitation of a natural material such as wood, marble, or stone. It is usually created by applying paint to the surface and then rubbing it off with sandpaper in order to reveal the different colours of the paint underneath.

It’s a great way to add some character to your walls without spending too much time or money. It can also help you get creative with your decorating style.

3. Try adding some drama and personality to your space by using different textures, colours, and patterns for the furniture in the room

We live in a world where we have to be constantly surrounded by the latest trends and styles. With the help of some simple decorating tricks, you can make your living room stand out from the rest.

You can use different textures, colours, and patterns for furniture to make your living room look more vibrant and alive. Just make sure that everything you do compliments the walls. There’s nothing worse than buying an orange sofa when you have blue walls. If you want inspiration, spend a few hours walking around Ikea, or a similar furniture store. You don’t have to buy anything but it will give you a good visualisation of space and colours.

4. Update your window treatments so it matches the rest of the room’s style and décor with drapes, curtains, or blinds in complementary colours or patterns

Window treatments are a great way to add personality to your living room. They can also help you control the light and temperature of the room. There are many different types of window treatments that you can choose from, including curtains, blinds, drapes, or shutters.

It is important to choose window treatments based on the function they serve in your home. In some rooms, like the kitchen or bathroom, it may be necessary to keep out light from entering during certain times of day, while others might need privacy from prying eyes. Window treatments can also be used as a decorative statement, like adding colour or blocking out views at certain times for added privacy and security.

Blinds are a popular choice because they offer privacy and protection from the sun, and particularly good if you’re trying to open up the space. They also come in many different styles and colours so you can find one that matches your home’s decor.

Additionally, the simplest solution when it comes to installing them, and day to day use is to choose curtains that close at the top and bottom or end in attractive tie-backs.

If you are considering updating your living room, we know some excellent interior designers to put you in touch with. But by employing the right Decorator to take charge of the painting and decorating, we’re confident that your room will come to light and make choosing furniture and window treatments a breeze.

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