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Specialising in Cutting-Edge Spray Plastering Techniques to Modernise and Perfect your Home.

Providing smoother walls and a more even coverage than traditional plastering, with faster drying times and reduced mess so your home can look it’s best as soon as possible.

Get the Perfect Base for your Walls.

Smooth and even walls are fundamental to ensuring that any paint or wallpaper applied to them looks as good as it possibly can. If your walls aren’t satisfactory, it will have a knock-on effect on any decorating work you carry out, spoiling the results.

Choosing our spray plastering means that you can look forward to smooth and even walls with quicker drying times and a much tidier method of application. The plaster dries white, providing a perfect base, and can be painted over much sooner than traditional plaster, meaning the length of your decorating project is significantly reduced and you can get back to enjoying your home much sooner.

Our airless spray plaster method is also ideal for covering Artex thanks to its ability to evenly cover all those hard-to-reach places. Many people put off getting rid of outdated Artex ceilings because of concerns about re-plastering being a drawn-out process that produces a lot of mess and unwanted hassle. But thanks to the techniques we use and the spray plastering method we have adopted, giving your home a more modern feel with a new coat of plaster has never been so simple.



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