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Using Spray Technology to Enhance your Surroundings and Create a Stunning Environment.

Giving you a finer finish than traditional painting in less time and with your convenience in mind.

Upgrade your Space with Airless Spraying.

Using an airless paint sprayer or HVLP sprayer to repaint the home is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the many benefits they deliver. When compared with painting using brushes and rollers, the airless/HVLP spraying method surpasses traditional painting every time, in more ways than one.

The most significant way an airless paint sprayer or HVLP system outperforms traditional painting is by delivering a far superior, glass-smooth finish that’s impossible to achieve with a roller. Painting using Airless/HVLP spraying is sure to enhance the walls of any room, delivering great colour that’s completely free of brush marks. Because of our thorough training using airless/HVLP equipment, we have developed precise application methods that allow us to create crisp lines, that are extremely hard for a brush application to replicate, while avoiding unwanted overspray. Using spray technology is much more suited for getting the best coverage on difficult surfaces too, such as ornate coving and spindles.

Choosing paint application with an airless paint sprayer means that you’re also choosing a more convenient alternative. Thanks to the procedures we have in place airless/HLVP spraying creates less mess which results in a faster clean-up time too. The paints we use are also applied far quicker, and have faster drying times, so we’ll be out of your hair in half the time than traditional painters.

What’s the difference between an airless paint sprayer and HVLP?

Airless and HVLP spraying is the same in terms of the results, the difference lies in the equipment and a slight modification in the method of spraying. Generally speaking, airless spraying will be used for bigger jobs, like painting a house or a fence, while HVLP is more suited to smaller jobs such as shelves or furniture.

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